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Hey Guys,

As some of you probably know we’re two petrol heads called Dave (Welder Dave & 3D Design Dave) that decided to set up a design & fabrication business called DaveFab.

We’ve both had a few 5’s in the past and we use the current one (we’ve named it the D52, because of the whole stealth bomber thing) to develop parts.

So here’s the story so far…

This is the car in all its glory at a recent ring trip (more on that later), it’s a 1997 Mk1 1.8 Harvard

We started out making a few bits in our spare time, we were proud at the time, they were very very shiny. Some titanium, most aluminium though.


We were quite proud we’d made a few bits, but they were all a tad raw. Not the understated, functional and clean look we were after, so after countless hours making bits in our spare time and loads of different finishes the engine bay looked like this.


The engine was mostly original at this point, we developed our own scuttle intake that uses the stock size panel filter, a radiator cooling panel and it had a cobalt cat back exhaust.

For the other bits, we developed a tower brace, a rear jacking bar/chassis brace and a brake master cylinder stopper. The car also had Koni suspension, and some sticky tyres.

So it all was pretty sedate at this point.

We did a few track days at Castle Combe which were great fun. Attended a couple of local meets

And then in April we took the car to the ring.


The place amazes every time  – Car Friday on the Easter weekend is mental. Lots of German beverages were consumed, many laps were done, and lots of plans were chewed over.

From this point on things started to change in terms of what direction we wanted to go with the car…