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MX5/Miata Wind Deflector Brackets Mk1 NA

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Installed a cabin brace and now can’t fit an oem wind deflector? These DaveFab Wind Deflector brackets are the perfect solution.

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Both the wind deflector and cabin brace are great upgrades to a MK1 MX5. The cabin brace mounted between the seat belt towers greatly improves the chassis rigidity, and the wind deflector with storage pouch really does reduce wind buffeting during roof down driving and helps to keep the cockpit warm on cold sunny days. Unfortunately in stock form they can’t both be fitted at once.

  • The DaveFab wind deflector brackets replace the standard brackets fitted to the stock wind deflector.
  • Slots in the new brackets provide adjustment so that the wind deflector can be positioned in front of the cabin brace.
  • Easy bolt on installation with the supplied fitting kit consisting of stainless steel fasteners and plastic push fit clips
  • Finished in our signature textured black powdercoat
  • Wind deflector not included but easily sourced on ebay.






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